Specifically, any individual that took the prescription drug Serostim may be eligible to obtain a cash benefit as part of a $24 million Proposed Settlement. We hope that you will be willing to help us inform your members about this Proposed Settlement.

As you likely know, Serostim is a drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients with wasting or cachexia. To qualify for a cash payment, individuals must have paid for all or part of the prescription drug Serostim from July 1, 1995 to December 31, 2006. The heirs of these patients are also eligible for relief.

This Proposed Settlement arose out of a group of Class Action lawsuits filed in Boston, Massachusetts. In the case the Plaintiffs claim that Defendants improperly marketed Serostim. The lawsuits claim that Defendants encouraged doctors to prescribe Serostim based on diagnostic criteria that were not approved by the FDA. The lawsuits also claim that Defendants promoted Serostim for other uses without FDA approval. The lawsuits do not allege that Serostim is dangerous to patient health, or that Serostim is not safe and effective for its approved uses.

The Defendants deny any liability and have decided to settle to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation.

We mailed you a:

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  • “Consumer” Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement.

Additional copies of these and other documents are available at the links below.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in spreading the word about this Proposed Settlement.